[Marxism] The Downside of Jeffrey Epstein’s Suicide: “I was looking to the Epstein case with a lot of hope. Hope for a fair outcome, hope the victims would finally get justice.” | Washington Babylon

Andrew Stewart hasc.warrior.stew at gmail.com
Sat Aug 10 17:28:48 MDT 2019

Oh lord, the conspiracism has gone further than I imagined...

It's not exactly rocket science, consider the options he had:

a) Go to trial, trade testimony for a lifetime sentence in solitary, and
squeal like a pig on the stand about all his collaborators, which might
implode major sections of the American liberal establishment and
potentially cause a stock market collapse that makes an opening for further
fascist politics. The guy was a pervert and probably a sociopath unlike any
other but I can imagine he had at least some concern for the mess after he
departed this earth, if not for no reason than to preserve some of the
bizarre projects he apparently invested so much time and energy into.

b) Go to trial and refuse to testify, get put into general population, and
be either shanked quickly or, more likely, violently raped in the shower
every day for the rest of his life at Rikers. Pedophiles like him do not
fare well in general population.

c) Pay off the the suicide watch guards, probably via an intermediary, and
end it rather painlessly.

Didn't people ever see GODFATHER II?
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Andrew Stewart

Twitter has this very witty tweet that also has the real ring of truth'
If you’re surprised Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide, just imagine how
surprised HE was.



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