[Marxism] The Downside of Jeffrey Epstein’s Suicide: “I was looking to the Epstein case with a lot of hope. Hope for a fair outcome, hope the victims would finally get justice.” | Washington Babylon

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Sun Aug 11 09:45:25 MDT 2019

Most of you are quite ignorant in terms of what Epstein was going to face.
There was about zero threat of "...trade testimony for a lifetime sentence
in solitary, and
squeal like a pig on the stand about all his collaborators," What an
idiotic statement. One "trades testimony" to *avoid* lifetime sentence in
solitary. There was zero chance he would ever be in solidarity. He would of
traded testimony so he can be placed in a 'country club' setting in upstate
NY in a *minimum* security prison. "Go to trial and refuse to testify, get
put into general population, and
be either shanked quickly or, more likely, violently raped in the shower
every day for the rest of his life at Rikers". Rikers is not a state prison
but a jail where people get sentenced too. The population there are
*awaiting* trial for the most part. Generally, though not always, people
are sentenced to *prison* for violent crimes go to one type of prison,
white collar prisoners to others less severe places.

I don't care if he committed suicide or was offed by the guards or someone
else. What ever happened to this rich fuck of a rapist is old news now and
we should move on.

David Walters

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