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Michael Brenner

August 11


Jeffery Epstein is dead. An alleged suicide who was found strangled in his
prison cell Saturday morning at the federal Metropolitan Correction Center
in NYC. He made an apparent previous attempt on June 23th – after which he
was placed under suicide watch and received daily psychiatric examinations
for 6 days. On June 29 he was returned to his original cell - with the
suicide watch removed, albeit he was scheduled to be checked by guards
every 15 minutes. They did not do so the night of his death. *There is a
suggestion that were working an unnaturally long overtime shift.*

That’s all we know for sure. Let’s put ourselves in the position of those
famed detectives whose methods for dealing with hundreds of cases we have
been observing for hundreds of hours. What lessons have Maigret, Cain,
Montelbano et al taught us?

First, we should attempt to ascertain with as much exactitude as the
evidence permits what happened. Epstein chocked to dead – by what means? A
belt?  the legs of his trousers? By his own hands?  If the first, why
wasn’t the elementary rule of removing every possible instrument of
self-destruction from the cell observed – especially whatever it was he
used in the first attempt? Where did he hang himself from – over
overhanging pipe or other protuberance? If so, why was he placed in a cell
so designed?


How long had Epstein been dead when the body was discovered? Do we know
with certainty the cause of death, i.e. could have been killed poison, for
example, before the hanging? How long would it normally take for one to die
from a self administered hanging of this sort? How does that relate to the
sequence of look-ins by guards? Are there any other observable marks on the


Numerous. All those associated with Epstein before his 2006 conviction,
during his virtual imprisonment, and subsequently whoever might appear in
his little black book, or remembered by pilots or other staff (e.g. one
pilot testified that Bill Clinton was on 10-15 Lolita flights; the doorman
at Epstein’s Manhattan apartment saw Trump join the party on several
occasions). We are talking about a large slice of the American elite –
political, economic, legal, entertainment. More than a cross-section, it is
a veritable roll-call of the high and mighty. In addition, there is Prince
Andrew and an array of Gulf Sheiks. They all had compelling reason to want
to keep Epstein’s mouth shut. So, too, those who arranged his
unprecedented, highly dubious plea bargain in 2006.

That may include the FBI &/or CIA who had a strong situational defined
interest in getting their hooks into Epstein who was in a position to
blackmail all of the above. So, too Mossad. Let’s note that Ghislaine
Maxwell (Epstein’s No. 2 and sometimes ‘partner’) is the daughter of the
British publisher Robert Maxwell who is now known to have run an extensive
Intelligence network for Mossad among the London elite for which he was
honored by President Shimon Peres and 6 former Intelligence chiefs when
buried in Jerusalem after a mysterious death off his private yacht in 1991.

Cooperation from any of this list of suspects is unlikely.


Appropriate methods vary by person and circumstance. Here are a few standard
techniques to get tongues wagging.


   1. Build an irrefutable case against one of the suspects and then use
   that as leverage to induce a denunciation of others – particularly the most
   exposed and vulnerable. This is an old standard that retains its
   effectiveness. Blackmail holds its value. Some of the young women who
   served as sex slaves for our lords and masters should be able to identify
   the most recognizable figures. Doubtless, though, most have either been
   bought off (as Trump did Storm Daniels and others), will be bribed, or
   blackmailed by virtue of their reluctance to put at risk their present
   lives. Too, they will need guarantees of protection. From whom? - accidents


   2. Physical coercion.

Fortunately or not, this method is ruled out because of the case’s high
visibility. Moreover, Gina Haspel is currently unavailable as she is
fighting tooth-and-nail to stay in the good graces of her boss. In
addition, the Thai government reportedly has withdrawn it grant of access
to the local ‘black sites’ out of fear that the country’s highly lucrative
sex tourism trade could be harmed by further exposure of the unsavory
goings-on beyond the world of massage parlors.



     There are a variety of approaches that evidently are more effective
for eliciting vital information than physical coercion. Only morons like
those in the CIA believe that you can beat the truth out of resistant
suspects – of course, for them the real satisfaction came in the torture
rather than in the solicitation of vital information. Revenge is what the
War On Terror has been all about. There is also the risk that they will
fabricate information in order to stop the pain and/or because they have
paid to do so.

Those more subtle methods may run into other obstacles.

For one thing, the high and the mighty have developed over their years in
power both a sense of impunity/immunity and a pathological conviction that
they can do no wrong – whatever the action involved.  Defense mechanisms
are elaborate and well- practiced. They are habitual liars; many are
clinical narcissists who may be unable to differentiate truth from
falsehoods altogether, e.g. Donald Trump.  Second, appeals to honor,
morality or sense of embarrassment may also be fruitless because these
people tend to be shameless.   Can anyone recall the last time that a
prominent public figure in the United States has demonstrated genuine

A Strategy

IF there were some intervention by another party that facilitated or
encouraged Epstein’s death – an admittedly overriding IF – then the best
way of determining who it was is to concentrate on the narrow end of the
funnel. IF someone arranged for a lifting of the suicide watch with an
ulterior motive in mind, or instructed guards to space out widely their
look-ins at Epstein’s cell, or ‘forgot’ to remove the drawstring from his
pajamas – that conjectured person (or his intermediary) could be identified
by whomever implemented the instructions/suggestions. Said person(s) could
be more easily intimidated, blackmailed or induced to spill the beans than
any of the big shots.

The behavior of the psychiatrists who gave permission to lift the suicide
watch is also suspect.  Their action is being described as unheard-of by
renowned psychiatrists. One distinguished professor has told me in
confidence that they will be in deep professional trouble for their warped
judgment alone – whatever other circumstances obtain. All of their
communications with outside parties should be examined. Any signs of
evasion should evoke intense grilling – psychiatrists are easier to break
than al-Qaeda fanatics, Mafia hitmen or narcissistic  politicos.


We are assured that the investigation will cover the whole gamut of
Epstein’s illicit actions, including the 2006 cover-up, which will be
pursued.  At the moment, most powers-that-be seem to agree on that.
Doubtless, tomorrow will see a long editorial from the
holier-than-thou/pillar of the Republic New York Times board calling for a
full and thorough inquiry as to what happened. They will cite the public
interest in reaffirming the impartiality of our hallowed judiciary –
including looking back at 2006. They will make no mention of the awkward
fact that they themselves paid the matter little heed for 13 years.
Understandable – numerous persons cited are folks they run into at Upper
East side cocktail parties and the Hamptons.

Prediction: The Department of Justice led by Trump’s lackey Mr. William
Barr, will insist on controlling all aspects of the investigation. If they
can turn up a few snippets regarding the Clintons, they will leak them.
Then, the entire affair will slip from public view. We have become expert
at losing the past in the mists of the present – like the fog rolling
through the Golden Gate that erase all images on a regular 24 hour cycle.

So, a year of two form now, there will be low-key announcement that the
investigation has found nothing that calls into question the conclusion
that Mr. Epstein indeed committed suicide – alone and of his own volition.
Hs earlier alleged will be said to be excluded by the statute of
limitations or the absence of credible evidence due in part to the deaths
of certain principals. One negligent guard will be singled out for
dereliction of duty; a letter of reprimand will be placed in his personnel
file and he will be punished by a denial of coffee breaks for a full two
weeks.  Maybe, just maybe, the American Psychiatric Association will devise
some new guidelines re. Suicide Watches in prison – without specifically
mentioning this incident.


Michael Brenner

 mbren at pitt.edu

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