[Marxism] Review of Karl Marx and the Birth of Modern Society

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Compare also to Sven-Eric Liedman, *A World to Win: The Life and Works of
Karl Marx - *also a comprehensive and sympathetic work, especially good on
the writing of *Capital *and generally in relating the life and times to
the economic and political works.

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> > The review doesn't mention that the English translation is now available
> from Monthly Review Press.  Presumably it was written before publication of
> the English edition.
> > "Michael Heinrich has raised the standards of biographical writing with
> Karl Marx and the Birth of Modern Society. In content and scope, it is an
> unparalleled work of scholarship. It makes Marx relevant to our
> understanding of capitalist society, while cutting down the overgrown myths
> about him. It confronts those sworn enemies of Marx’s thought with the
> weapons of critique. It will challenge the ways avid readers of Marx think
> about the meaning his times, concepts and ideas have for the present."
> >
> https://medium.com/@jamespeter_76017/review-karl-marx-and-the-birth-of-modern-society-6e591bbfda01
> I'm 90 pages into this for a CounterPunch review. Heinrich's research is
> impressive, especially in shedding light on Karl Marx's father Heinrich
> who converted to Protestantism mainly to avoid anti-Semitic laws that
> would prevent him from becoming a lawyer. He was also a revolutionary
> democrat who helped organize a banquet where the left-leaning residents
> of Trier sang the "Marseilles" and other revolutionary songs from 1789.
> When I sit down to write my review, it will be interesting to compare
> this book (which is the first in a multi-volume series) to the classics
> like Mehring and newer books by Sperber and Wheen that I only have read
> in part. I won't waste time with this jerk.
> https://louisproyect.org/2016/08/15/who-is-gareth-stedman-jones-and-why-is-he-saying-such-stupid-things-about-marx/
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