[Marxism] The rise of the Republic of Texas

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Stephen Pearl Andrews, later a member of the International, was living in
Texas at the time and involved in these negotiations with the Britsh in
hopes of flanking the slaveholding U.S.

He wound up being driven out in the middle of the night.

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> The Texas republic was in financial distress, and the always meddlesome
> British were hovering over it with an aim of establishing an alliance of
> mutual convenience with the strug­gling republic. In exchange for financial
> help and military protec­tion, Britain would be positioned to undermine the
> United States's supremacy over the Gulf of Mexico and to menace its
> dominion over New Orleans, gateway to the strategically crucial Mississippi
> River. Besides, if Britain could dominate this southwestern territory, it
> would have the United States neatly hemmed in between that region and its
> Canadian possessions to the north. Britain's premier New World aim was to
> thwart the American dream of a burgeoning power stretching from sea to sea.
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