[Marxism] Corbynism: Social Democracy in a New Left Garb - Bassett - - The Political Quarterly - Wiley Online Library

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Aug 15 10:08:01 MDT 2019

Where Corbynism goes beyond simply tax and spend is in proposing a class 
consensus for new, new times. Accompanying its plans for fiscal 
stimulus, Labour seeks democratically to ‘re‐embed’ non‐market forces 
(workers, consumers and public values—especially green ones) in the 
reproduction of social life: reversing privatisations, ending the 
private finance initiative (PFI), curbing the NHS’s internal market and 
restoring workers’ rights. There is not a drop of evidence, however, 
that Corbyn’s party seeks to erase private ownership, competition or the 
profit motive. The original wording of Clause IV of Labour’s 
constitution—‘to secure for the workers … the means of production, 
distribution and exchange’—has not been resurrected. In this regard, the 
movement is more post‐neoliberal than radical.


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