[Marxism] Kashmir crisis a heritage of British imperialism

John Reimann 1999wildcat at gmail.com
Sat Aug 17 06:52:57 MDT 2019

"India’s ultra-right prime minister Modi has staged an overnight coup
abolishing Kashmir’s statehood and autonomous status, cutting all its
communication links and flooding it with occupation troops, writes Roger
Silverman in Britain.

"Like Palestine, Kashmir is a living mangled relic of the crimes of British
imperialism, which wantonly promoted internecine communal hatred (just as
also in Ireland and wherever else it set foot) in order to “divide and

"When Britain was forced to abandon its rule over the Indian subcontinent,
it made sure that its departure, as in Palestine and Ireland, was marked by
a brutal partition and a consequent orgy of bloodletting whipped up by
Hindu and Muslim gangsters and demagogues...."

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