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Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 18 17:35:06 MDT 2019

The beating up of Owen Jones is a significant event. The outlines of a far
right politics is emerging in the UK. It is has many confused and confusing
elements associated with it. The central issue that is giving it momentum
has to be the Brexit from the EU. But of course the underlying impetus has
to do with the general crisis of neoliberalism provoked by the 2008 crash.
We are living through the failure of austerity politics/economics to
restore the rate of profitability and a subsequent generalized organic

Corbynism can be thought to represent a way out; the Far Right offer
another. My reading of the rise of fascistic politics is that if feeds on
the failures of social democracy. The socialists are given a go first. They
fail/betray and then in come the fascists. The problem for the Right in the
UK is that they have been in power for nearly 10 years and they have piled
misery upon misery. & now the UK Tory Party has been framed and also
self-defined as the party of leaving the EU with out a deal. As Johnson put
it this is driven by a "Fick business" attitude. As a consequence, we have
the bizarre situation where the pound falls when the Tory Prime Minster
speaks and rises when the socialist leader of the Opposition comes up with
a plan to stop a No Deal exit,

So my best guess is that Corbybn will get a chance. He will be in govt with
a parliamentary party - a majority of whom hate him. I cannot see how he
can launch a social democratic program in such a circumstance.

So what should be done? I think one should push for a Corbyn govt. But my
residual Trotskyism tells me that Corbyn won't be able to achieve even the
mild reforms he has proposed. Nonetheless, the Corbyn team have maneuvered
well the last week. Framing Johnson as an arrogant careless and dangerous
bumbler with links to far right master minds seems to be working. Corbyn is
now increasingly positioned as the man who can save the UK from disaster.
The leaders of the Liberal Democrats and the Greens have both shot
themselves in the foot because they refused to back Corbyn as a temporary
PM to stop the No Deal Brexit.

How all this will end up, no one knows. But again I have a feeling that the
current organic crisis may morph very suddenly into a political if not a
revolutionary one. Things are potentially that dramatic IMHO



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