[Marxism] Corruption in the United Auto Workers union

Michael Yates MIKEDJYATES at msn.com
Tue Aug 20 09:26:15 MDT 2019

This is an essay by retired autoworker, Tom Adams. It is a detailed account of corruption in the United Auto Worker union. Please share it.

The Reds who built and led the union; those who organized the sit-down strikes, especially the women whose actions outside the plants made the occupation successful; the black autoworkers who fought both companies and the UAW in the Revolutionary Union Movement that swept Detroit in the late 1960s; the young workers who sabotaged the assembly line at the Lordstown plant in Ohio in the 1970s; the modern-day union dissidents like the late Jerry Tucker who were persecuted by the UAW leadership; Gregg Shotwell, who kept the fires of rank-and-file democracy burning for so many years----all of these and more should not have sacrificed so much just to see their union wallowing in criminality and dictatorial rule.


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