[Marxism] India, Kashmir and the world capitalist crisis

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“What India has done in Kashmir over the last 30 years is unforgivable. An
estimated 70,000 people, civilians, militants and security forces have been
killed in the conflict. Thousands have been “disappeared,” and tens of
thousands have passed through torture chambers that dot the valley like a
network of small-scale Abu Ghraibs,” write two reporters in the NY Times .

That was even before India’s communalist prime minister, Narendra Modi,
sent an additional 38,000 soldiers into Jammu and Kashmir on August 5. The
move, which also involved cutting off all communication with the outside
world, has all sorts of implications:

It ratchets up the already-increasing communalism inside India itself.
It is directly involved in the struggles against and also by the Indian
labor movement.
It has geopolitical implications.
It has environmental implications.
It involves the growing cultural, ethnic, racial and religious nationalism
– including outright fascism – worldwide....

The alternative: a mass workers international
As in India, as in the world, the degeneration of world capitalism is being
expressed, among other things, through the increased racism, chauvinism,
attacks on women, and bigotry in general. The door for this has been opened
by the weakness of the workers mass organizations, first and foremost the
mass workers parties. In India, such a party scarcely exists, if it exists
at all.

This is doubly ironic given the recent strikes in India – strikes that must
have involved both Hindu and Muslim workers. And who knows what discussions
are now happening among exactly those workers? It is through these workers
struggles and the discussions that must inevitably spring from them that
the solution must be found – a renewed, international working class
movement and a new, mass working class international.

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*“In politics, abstract terms conceal treachery.” *from "The Black
Jacobins" by C. L. R. James
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