[Marxism] Taibbi on Trump 2020: Be Very Afraid – Rolling Stone

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Aug 22 06:36:27 MDT 2019

(Matt Taibbi knows how to write. Too bad he doesn't know how to think.)

The average American likes meat, sports, money, porn, cars, cartoons, 
and shopping. Less popular: socialism, privilege-checking, and the world 
ending in 10 years. Ironically, perhaps because of Trump, Democratic 
Party rhetoric in 2020 is relentlessly negative about the American 
experience. Every speech is a horror story about synagogue massacres or 
people dying without insulin or atrocities at the border. Republicans 
who used to complain about liberals “apologizing for America” were being 
silly, but 2020 Democrats sound like escapees from the Killing Fields.

Ronald Reagan once took working-class voters away from Democrats by 
offering permission to be proud of the flag. Trump offers permission to 
occupy the statistical American mean: out of shape, suffering from gas, 
poorly read, anti-intellectual, treasuring things above meaning, and 
hiding an awful credit history.


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