[Marxism] Taibbi on Trump 2020: Be Very Afraid – Rolling Stone

Michael Meeropol mameerop at gmail.com
Thu Aug 22 08:39:23 MDT 2019

OK -- so I read it --- the people attending Trump rallies are a small
proportion of the people who VOTED for Trump --- I think a pair of shoes
will beat Trump this time around so long as the black electorate votes at
close to Obama level turnouts --- especially in Milwaukee, Detroit,
Pittsburgh --- Even Bernie would win (despite very intense red-baiting and
anti-semitism) ---

It is true -- Democratic infighting could ruin everything but this time
around, I really think Trumps fascism and racism will bring out more black
and brown voters than in 2016 ---

and (here I violate the purity standards) it is essential that everyone do
whatever they can to make sure Trump loses --- I really think it is
LITERALLY a matter of humanity's survival -- not that beating him will
change US policy enough to start to turn the corner against carbon
pollution - BUT -- if he wins, the earth is finished!


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