[Marxism] Hidden history: The Nazi-Soviet pact which Russia now tries to deny

Michael Meeropol mameerop at gmail.com
Thu Aug 22 10:14:55 MDT 2019

Whoever wrote this either willfully ignores or REALLY doesn't know about
the failed efforts of the Soviet Union to get the British and French to
ally with them to stop Hitler's attempt to take over Czechoslovakia --- The
Brits and French were anxious for Hitler to go WEST ---

The Nazi- Soviet pact was horrible for the people the Soviets took over but
it did buy Stalin and the Soviets TIME to build up an industrial machine
---- when Hitler turned west after conquering Poland ---

What I never could stomach was the WESTERN Communist parties slavishly
following Soviet foreign policy -- even to the extent of, in 1941 before
June 22, attacking FDR for his warlike policies --- a song by the almanac
singers is particularly galling --- I remember a knock down drag out fight
with my father about the pact when I was in my twenties ....

But I never thought Stalin was "wrong" --- just that the Soviets took
advantage of the pact to take over territory they had no business annexing
--- I guess a reason why Putin wants to justify the pact since he just
goggled up Crimea ....

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