[Marxism] Foxnews poll reveals mood in United States

John Reimann 1999wildcat at gmail.com
Thu Aug 22 11:28:36 MDT 2019

"Trump isn’t looking so good, but Biden, Warren and Sanders are. Who’s
looking best to most Americans? Barack Obama! That’s the results of a
recent Foxnews opinion poll conducted in mid-August (8/11-13), and it says
something about the general mood in the US today.

"The poll shows approval/disapproval has not changed much. 43% approve
while 56% disapprove. What has changed is the strength of feeling of those
who disapprove. Overall, a year ago, 44% “strongly” disapproved of Trump.
Now 48% “strongly” disapprove. Not only that, but whereas of those who
disapprove of Trump, only 14% “somewhat” disapprove whereas 86% feel
strongly. Compare that to those who approve of Trump, 35% only “somewhat”
approve and 63% feel “strongly”.

"Or put it another way: Only 27% strongly approve of Trump while 48%
strongly disapprove.

This has several implications for next year’s elections. First is that
turnout for the anti-Trump voters is likely to be higher. Second is this:
The 27% who strongly approve of Trump (vs. the 48% who disapprove of him
strongly) are the die-hard Trumpsters. They will support him even if, as he
said, he were to shoot somebody in the middle if Fifth Avenue… or to be
more realistic, if the economy crashes. Many of that remaining 15% who only
“somewhat” approve will melt away like Greenland’s glaciers when the
economy nose dives."

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*“In politics, abstract terms conceal treachery.” *from "The Black
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