[Marxism] Medium.com: "What I Did in the War" by Michael Balter

Alan Ginsberg ginsberg.alan1 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 22 16:16:39 MDT 2019

"During the 1960s I was a member of a far-left group. We were so far left,
in fact, that we thought Mao Zedong was a revisionist capitalist roader. We
also believed that revolutionaries should join the military to subvert and
destroy it from within.

"I was an undergraduate student at UCLA when my turn came to carry out this
mission. I mailed my student draft deferment card back to my draft board
along with a letter condemning the war, and was promptly obliged with an
induction notice."
full at

This piece was written by a former member of the Progressive Labor Party.
He has a longer memoir in the collection "You Say You Want a Revolution:
SDS, PL, and Adventures in Building a Worker-Student Alliance". Louis
Proyect reviewed the book (mentioning Balter's contribution) in

The book is available at

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