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"You really need to look at this thing politically. The men killed in Katyn
were Polish nationalists and completely anti-Communist. While not so far to
the right as Stephen Bandera, they were possible allies of the Germans
against the USSR. You also have to examine the Soviet occupation of the
eastern half of Poland that involved massive repression consistent with
Stalin's against his own countryman. If he was ready to send top Soviet
generals to their death for no good reason, why would he not want to kill
Poland's nationalist elite?"

That is exactly what the Germans di however. Ever wonder why there was no
real Polish "SS"? The *first* people rounded and shot by the Germans
were...the "Polish nationalist elite". Before even the communists. They
went to the universities and murdered every single professor and student
that hadn't fled. Poland was *different*. Poland was designated for total
national destruction. The only thing left alone, for the most part, was the
Church, due its ability to pacify the masses. They were wrong of course
about that but that is what happened. Among those killed by the German was
the very large, highly sophisticated Jew-hating professors lined who were
paragons of Polish Fascism. In the 1930s some German Nazi academics
criticized the Polish Nationalists for being genocidal and too hard on the

The Richard C. Lukas book documents much of this.

David Walters

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