[Marxism] A Penn Law Professor Wants to Make America White Again | The New Yorker

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Aug 23 10:05:06 MDT 2019

 From an interview with Amy Wax, a white supremacist professor at the 
University of Pennsylvania Law School,

Q: You said one person who pursued a version of cultural-distance 
nationalism was Enoch Powell, who you call a “prophet without honor.” 
You said he is an “outcast—unjustly I think.” And you added that “I 
think this is the only conference in the continental United States where 
Enoch Powell gets two honorable mentions,” and someone answered, “Might 
make it the last.” You replied, “I hope not.” Do you think Powell was a 

A: There you go again. Can you define racism for me? Is so-and-so a 
racist? Where are we getting with that? Define racist. I have no idea 
what you mean. It is a bludgeon that is a promiscuous term. You define 
what a racist is, and I will spend two seconds addressing that question 
because it is sterile.

Q: You think that in the U.S. today that’s a sterile question?

A: Yes, I do, because it prevents us from dealing with real, 
down-to-earth, concrete problems. I don’t go on Twitter. I don’t have a 
smartphone, but the stuff the people send me. Is he a racist? Is she a 
racist? Is this person a racist?

Q: Well, let me answer your question. Powell himself famously stated, 
“What is wrong with racism? Racism is the basis of nationality.”

A: Who said that?

Q: Enoch Powell, who you were talking about.

A: Well, ethnicity is. He certainly believed that. He believed one of 
the elements of the culture was a so-called “common ethnicity,” that is, 
descending from certain ancestors going back. People do cluster in that 
way. He assigned some significance to that, no question about it, as 
part of the cultural mix, yes.


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