[Marxism] Katyn

Glenn Kissack gkissack at nyc.rr.com
Fri Aug 23 22:04:47 MDT 2019

Furr’s 2018 book on Katyn does address the Polish-Ukrainian archeological team report on the mass grave at Volodymyr-Volyns’kiy in Ukraine. Chapter 5 of the book is entirely devoted to the report. Among other things, he notes that “between 96% and 98% of the shell casings found at this mass execution site are of German make and are date ‘1941’.”

https://www.amazon.com/Mystery-Katyn-Massacre-Evidence-Solution/dp/0692134255/ref=sr_1_11?keywords=grover+furr&qid=1566618561&s=gateway&sr=8-11 <https://www.amazon.com/Mystery-Katyn-Massacre-Evidence-Solution/dp/0692134255/ref=sr_1_11?keywords=grover+furr&qid=1566618561&s=gateway&sr=8-11>


> However, what I did find was a Telegraph article from 2014 titled “Stalin-era mass grave found in Ukrainian castle” (https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/ukraine/11059224/Stalin-era-mass-grave-found-in-Ukrainian-castle.html) that states the archaeologists found cartridge cases from a TT pistol, a Soviet sidearm, in the mass grave. Odd that such a scrupulous researcher like Furr neglected to mention that, although it goes hand in hand with other findings of his over the years, including the charge that Leon Trotsky conspired “with fascists and his own followers within the USSR to sabotage industry, transportation, and mines.”

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