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Edward Said articulated a similar point in his introduction to The Politics of Dispossession (1994). 

However, trying to make the claim that socialism is a project that must exist autonomous of and perhaps even opposed to geopolitics is naive if not altogether bound to the symptoms that Lenin described as an infantile disorder. The recent book by Gerald Horne on South Africa and the role of internationalism makes the argument that the Soviet Union played a key role and, if they had not been there, we very well could still be living with an apartheid regime in South Africa. Now certainly one must indicate that Cuba’s military intervention was a significant element. But considering the reduction of what Cuba is capable of after 1991, it would be incorrect to claim Havana’s absolute autonomy from Moscow. Horne has argued for decades now that African Americans were given substantial aid by international solidarity and that its absence would have resulted in fewer gains in the liberation struggle. We spoke about this in a recent podcast:


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Abdullah Smith argues that the USSR?s relation to Palestinian national 
liberation was more about realpolitik than earnest dedication to the 
cause of the Palestinian people.


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