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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Aug 25 12:33:41 MDT 2019

On 8/25/19 1:46 PM, Glenn Kissack via Marxism wrote:
> The problem I have is that many of the people (like Conquest) who have written about Stalin despised Soviet socialism and wanted to paint it in the worse possible light. People like Furr, Losurdo (and many of us, I believe) think that Soviet socialism was imperfect but did accomplish a lot, so we have reason to question the old anti-communist narrative.

I have big problems with Sovietologists myself. Someone recommended 
Timothy Snyder. I had issues with him on the Non-Aggression Pact itself:


There are people on the left who are reliable when it comes to these 
sorts of questions. I recommend the following:

1. Ronald Suny wrote "A State of Nations: Empire and Nation-making in 
the Age of Lenin and Stalin". Very good book.

2. Tony Wood, lots of articles. Particularly good on Chechnya. Has 
written for NLR.

3. R.W. Davies and Stephen G. Wheatcroft. They co-authored a definitive 
book on the Ukraine famine, plus lots of other books on their own. Like 
Suny and Wood, they are frequent NLR contributors.

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