[Marxism] NY Times: Sidney Rittenberg, Idealistic American Aide to Mao Who Evolved to Counsel Capitalists, Dies at 98

John Reimann 1999wildcat at gmail.com
Sun Aug 25 19:56:16 MDT 2019

I recently read the biography of Mao "Mao, the unknown story" by Jung
Chang. The author is the daughter of two of Mao's supporters who were later
crushed by him. She spent ten years researching this book, talking with
former associates of Mao throughout China. If on tenth of what she says is
true, Mao was a mediocre mind and lazy to boot. But he compensated for this
by an unmatched ruthlessness and ability to maneuver and manipulate within
the CCP and the Comintern. According to the biography, he murdered
hundreds, thousands even, including torturing many to death. He made Stalin
look like a wise humanitarian.

So, how fitting that a US "advisor" to him would go on us parlay his
connections to become a millionaire in his own right. Not so different from
how US politicians use their connections to become millionaire lobbbyists.

John Reimann

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