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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Aug 26 13:12:49 MDT 2019

This is the kind of thing that troubles me about anything that Furr 
writes. In his "The “Official” Version of the Katyn Massacre 
Disproven?", the article that is focused on debunking the notion that 
Polish prisoners at Volodymyr Volyns’kiy were executed, he also has 
something to say about the Smolensk killings that, as I pointed out, 
produced 22 times more corpses than those found in the Ukraine mass grave.

He claims that a former NKVD agent named Tokarev was forced into 
testifying against Stalin in an investigation that was held in tandem 
with the release of the Katyn papers in 1990 even though he wasn't "at 
the Katyn Forest, the place where 4000+ bodies of Polish POWs were 
unearthed by the Germans in 1943, and none of them has anything to say 
about this, the most famous of the execution/burial sites subsumed under 
the rubric 'the Katyn Massacre.'"

He may have not been in the forest but he was an eyewitness to the 
executions in NKVD headquarters, from which the bodies were later 
transported to the forest. This is from "Katyn: a crime without 
punishment", edited by Anna M. Cienciala, Natalia S. Lebedeva, Wojciech 

	NKVD documents do not show how the Ostashkov prisoners were killed, but 
an eyewitness was found half a century after the event who deposed 
testimony on this particular mass murder. In March 1991 the aged Tokarev 
(b. 1902) gave many details on the fate of the Ostashkov prisoners 
during his interrogation by Lieutenant Colonel Anatoly Yablokov, a 
military prosecutor in the Soviet Main Military Prosecutor’s Office, who 
was in charge of the Soviet Katyn investigation from 1991 to 1994. 
Tokarev claimed that he was not personally involved in the killing 
because a special group of NKVD men came from Moscow to do the “work.” 
He stated that those in charge of the operation were GB Major V. M. 
Blokhin, head of the Komendatura [Command] of the AKhU 
[Administrative-Housekeeping Board of the NKVD]; Kom-brig [Brigade 
Commander] M. S. Krivenko, head of NKVD Convoy Troops; and Senior GB 
Major N. I. Sinegubov, head of Intelligence for the NKVD Main Transport 
Administration and its deputy chief.

	According to Tokarev, about thirty NKVD men, mostly drivers and some 
prison guards, took part in shooting the prisoners, always at night, 
after which they would retire to their special quarters and drink a lot 
of vodka. Blokhin was the chief executioner. His special uniform 
consisted of a leather cap, an apron, and gloves reaching above the elbows.

According to Furr, Tokarev was coerced into making this testimony, a 
funny thing to hear from someone who defended the integrity of the 
Moscow Trials.

In his article, he would lead the reader into believing that Tokarev 
didn't see bodies being dumped into mass graves. If he wasn't so dodgy, 
he could have instead tried to debunk his testimony about what he *did* 
see rather than dismiss him for being an expert witness to events he did 
not claim to see.

Typical Furr.

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