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Mon Aug 26 13:48:06 MDT 2019

 I don't disagree at all with the criticism's most people have of Furr. I
know him personally. We meet about once a year in the Bay Area. What I
would ask Furr is the same thing he uses to convict the entire Bolshevik
Central Committee of: where is the evidence Tokarev was "coerced"? A fair
enough question.

Furr will make huge leaps of logic. For example, while it was revealed in
1981 or so that Trotsky lied before the Dewey Commission when asked about
having contacts in the USSR (for obvious reasons) in the *reveled*
communications via his son, Leon Sedov, there is zero damning him. In fact
it's more inquisitive by Trotsky about the positions of the many
Oppositionist groups that went through a revival in 1932. It's clear from
what I've read that Trotsky didn't really have clue about what was going on
in "his" underground. This 1932 reproachment by various Opposition groups
when found out about it by Stalin, is the source of Stalin's paranoia about
being overthrown. Keep in mind that this is years before Trotsky considered
the Bureaucracy "counter-revolutionary through and through and needed to be
overthrown" (1936/37).

At any rate Furr loves to say "and of course Trotsky was a liar
thefore...". A huh. Secondly, one of things that Broue admitted too was the
removal of a document he found when given permission to view the Trotsky
archives at Harvard. Without knowing whatsoever what the document was about
he concludes Trotsky guilty of malfeasance. It is very much a method of

David Walters

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