[Marxism] Evo Morales Calls for UN Assembly to Address Amazon Fires

jgreen at communistvoice.org jgreen at communistvoice.org
Mon Aug 26 19:47:32 MDT 2019

"The perpetrators aren't known, but Bolivian President Evo Morales has justified 
people starting fires, saying: 'If small families don't set fires, what are they going 
to live on?'

"The disaster comes just a month after Morales announced a new 'supreme 
decree' aimed at increasing beef production for export.

"Twenty-one civil society organisations are calling for the repeal of this decree, 
arguing that it has helped cause the fires and violates Bolivia's environmental 
laws. Government officials say that fire setting is a normal activity at this time of 
year and isn't linked to the decree.
"Some Indigenous leaders are asking for a trial to determine responsibility for the 
fires, and the response to them. Alex Villca, an Indigenous leader and 
spokesperson, said: 'It is President Evo Morales who should be held accountable. 
What are these accountabilities going to be? A trial of responsibilities for this 
number of events that are occurring in the country, this number of violations of 
Indigenous peoples and also the rights of Mother Nature.'"



Also,  an important indigenous coalition, the Coordinator of Indigenous 
Organizations of the Amazon River Basin (COICA) declares Morales and 
Bolsonaro as persona non grata 

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