[Marxism] A Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Under Socialism

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Tue Aug 27 19:20:47 MDT 2019

Ah, I see now. I suppose so. The entire anti-economodernist vegan community
appears to be pushing this lab-grown meat. I'm going to try it tomorrow
since I finally found a place that sells it. It is completely the wrong
direction to go in but it's not going away, I suspect. Sure...I can see
that statement as ecomodernist. What's the politically correct position
Louis on lab-grown meat (from soy beans mostly). I'm not against GM crops
except how they are used under capitalism. I'm all for the R&D under
regulations. The fad against them, and that's what it is, a fad, is not
based on much sound science in terms of health. GM itself is not a problem,
but it certainly is the way it's used (such as described in that excellent
article you posted yesterday on soy industry).


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