[Marxism] A Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Under Socialism

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 28 05:47:07 MDT 2019

First to get a potential straw man out of the way: I find the article by
Kampf-Lassin fairly tepid when it comes to speculating on post-revolution
eating practices and institutions.
But the article should be motivation for more wide-ranging speculation.
For instance, Trotsky pointed out the impact of the low state of
development on collective kitchens, as workers preferred home meals to
poorly provisioned centers:
In the meantime mammoth chain restaurants, fast food and otherwise, have
mushroomed under capitalism on a generally higher state of development from
a technical standpoint. Going to an objectively-socialized restaurant is
viewed generally as a treat (while also reducing time spent cooking at
So the question is: What are we to do with them once they're socialized?
A last note on how such socialization would happen: my guess is that during
general strikes, instead of just setting up food banks for strikers in a
particular company or industry (as we've seen in recent strikes by teachers
et al.), that strikers will take over the thousands of restaurants -- and
keep them in public hands if the strikes are victorious.


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