[Marxism] White and Native Protests: A Study in Inequality - Los Angeles Review of Books

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Aug 29 07:38:59 MDT 2019

THE BULLETIN OF THE ATOMIC SCIENTISTS set their famous Doomsday Clock to 
two minutes to midnight this January, indicating that humankind is as 
close to terminal disaster as we have ever been.

They named the usual suspects: climate change and the threat of nuclear 
war. But as Noam Chomsky explained recently in an interview with 
Democracy Now!’s Amy Goodman, there was a new culprit added to the list 
of threats to existence: the undermining of democracy.

As Chomsky sees it, the three threats are interrelated. Climate change 
and the threat of nuclear war, he says, “are not going to be dealt with 
by major institutions, state or private, acting without massive public 
pressure, which means that the means of democratic functioning have to 
be kept alive.”

What Chomsky did not mention is that the Bulletin of the Atomic 
Scientists specifically named social media as a primary forum for 
democracy’s erosion. Even as social media seems to give voice to greater 
numbers of people, it also poses a threat to “the rational discourse 
required for solving the complex problems facing humanity.”


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