[Marxism] Hybrid Wars Are Destroying Democracies

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Aug 29 07:41:58 MDT 2019

When BRICS was created in 2009, it already had three agendas. One agenda 
they drew from IBSA was to fight for better trade agreements, to protect 
farmers, and so on. The second one was for a limited kind of 
multilateralism. It was just that the elites of Brazil, India, South 
Africa, China, Russia should have a place at the table. That was the 
second goal of BRICS. The third goal of BRICS was South-South business 
cooperation: Indian businesses with Brazilian businesses, Brazilian 
exports to South Africa and so on.

BRICS was always limited by the class character of the governments. 
Businesses in Brazil want to enter markets in India. BRICS is not going 
to dissolve. People just think BRICS is a political instrument, that 
idea of multilateralism. But that’s a very wrong approach to BRICS. 
BRICS is not just a political instrument, it’s for business in this part 
of the world, militaries, arms deals, all kinds of things. They are not 
things that you and I are going to be happy with.


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