[Marxism] The Info War of All Against All | by Peter Pomerantsev | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Aug 29 07:46:31 MDT 2019

“The powerlessness of our enemies is they are still trying to describe 
and fight us as if we were the old right-wing fringe groups that they 
faced decades before,” Martin Sellner, a figurehead of the European 
Identitarian Movement, told me, speaking from his flat in Vienna, 
Austria. “Our job as the avant-garde from the right is to show the 
people that the normality of tomorrow doesn’t have to be what is 
considered normal today. Political normality is something very volatile, 
dynamic, and relative.”

He sent over his recorded answers for a BBC radio documentary I was 
making, which in turn drew on ideas from my new book about how 
propaganda is changing in the twenty-first century. My BBC producer and 
I fretted whether we risked abetting Sellner’s strategy of normalizing 
the far right by having him in the program. In the end, we decided to 
include him because we judged that the strategies he advocates need to 
be understood for what they reveal about certain pathologies in the 
formation of public opinion. And these have implications that reach well 
beyond his personal ambitions and those of the far right.

Sellner is known for his promotion of the “great replacement” theory, 
the idea that global elites are purposefully diluting ethnicity, an idea 
that was invoked this month in the manifesto released online by the 
mass-shooter in El Paso, Texas. The El Paso shooter also shared with 
Sellner a penchant for using the language of liberal rights for 
illiberal aims. The shooter described his desire to stop intermarriage 
between races as a way to protect “diversity,” comparing ethnic 
integrity of whites in the US to that of American Indians. By exploiting 
the language of progressive causes, the El Paso shooter was 
simultaneously trying to smuggle taboo racism back into accepted 
discourse while hollowing out the language of the far right’s purported 
opponents—pastiching it into meaninglessness.


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