[Marxism] [UCE] New Zealand’s Prime Minister is Facing an Indigenous Uprising. She’s Fucking it Up. - Regeneration Magazine

John Edmundson johnedmundson4 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 30 17:35:28 MDT 2019

I think the headline is a bit over-excited and I notice that the article
itself makes no such claim. There is some interesting stuff in there
though. Ihumatao is an important struggle in New Zealand at the moment and
if I were living in Auckland I would definitely be actively supporting it.
The writer is correct to link it back to the Bastion Point occupation and
Te Whiti o Rongomai's occupation of Parihaka. There is long and honourable
tradition of land occupations and other land struggles in this country.
Interestingly Pania Newton is calling for the Ihumatao land to become a
public reserve, which has made it difficult for racists to complain about

I think the anti-Jacinda Ardern rhetoric is a bit over the top too. She was
an intern under Tony Blair and I have no illusions in her whatsoever. But
to claim she "avoided" the Ihumatao issue by going to visit the New Zealand
Empire abroad is hyperbolic. She went to Tokelau, a New Zealand
protectorate north of Samoa on a visit that had been planned long before
the escalation occurred at Ihumatao. She's the first NZ PM to bother to
visit there in years, probably in part because her father is the High
Commissioner there. Ironically the opposition National Party have levelled
the same criticism at her. She sent three Maori members of her Labour led
coalition to meet the occupiers and said she was initially leaving the
issue in their hands. I think she should have gone when she returned but it
would only have been symbolic. Incidentally, Tokelau does not have a
majority in favour of independence from New Zealand and it is a tiny
collection of atolls at severe risk of inundation due to sea level rise.
Nevertheless Ardern has kept the option of independence open. Furthermore,
Tokelau'ans are New Zealand citizens by birth and therefore do not need a
visa to enter the country. Independence could be a negative move for them
if their country disappears beneath the waves and they no longer have the
automatic right to come here because they relinquished their citizenship.

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