[Marxism] 1916 Comdt-General Sean McLoughlin on Civil War: “How the Republicans May Win”

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Mon Dec 2 16:02:08 MST 2019

The article below first appeared in the July 29, 1922 issue of The Workers
Republic, the paper of the newly-established Communist Party of Ireland.
The civil war had begun just a month earlier.  The CPI aligned with the
anti-Treaty IRA and agitated for it to adopt a social programme pointing to
a workers’ republic, not just a republic.

Sean McLoughlin was actually the senior surviving commandant of the Easter
Rising of 1916.  On the Friday evening, as the Rising was drawing to a
close, the 21-year-old had so impressed James Connolly and other leaders
that he was appointed overall military commander.  This was done due to the
incapacitation of the badly-wounded Connolly, the original
commandant-general of all the insurrectionary forces.  McLoughlin then led
the break-out from the GPO and into Moore Street.

McLoughlin later worked closely with Roddy Connolly in founding the
original, short-lived CPI and was active in workers’ struggles during the
civil war, including workplace occupations and the formation of soviets. . .

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