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DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Fri Dec 6 07:52:38 MST 2019

An absolutely garbage article. There simply is no evidence whatsosever that
any radio frequencies do damage to anyone for any reason at the low levels
of a cell phone. MM is going light on this :).  But he did pin it
correctly: it is based on rumor and paranoia. I will say there is in fact
"nothing to worry about". We have 3 decades of high frequency *omni
directional* cell phone usage, wi-fi and other frequencies hitting us. Too
many studies have show nothing, absolutely nothing, to effect humans,
especially as compared with societies without wifi and without cell phones
(the phones themselves and the cell towers). We have had  a decade of smart
meters which also send out in an omni directional (meaning the energy
transmitted decreases exponentially the further one is from it). More
interestingly, studies of life long ham radio operators...who for 5 decades
or long would sit for hours a few feet away from their very high wattage
(often 300 watts or more) also show zero signs of effects. The "metabolic
rift" between the Left and science continues to widen I fear...

David Walters

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