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Fri Dec 6 08:05:59 MST 2019

[response to MM, I see...interestingly that is my similar objections to
GMO...not that they do a shred of harm but all production of them and the
legal framework for all of them is anti-human and anti-farmer.]

In response to Louis' 2015 article from a Jordanian medical magazine, the
article is highly flawed. It *starts out* with a gigantic assumption bias:
that EMF are dangerous. It bases this on 6 or 7 studies from Arab medical
sources and ignores the huge amount of literature that contradicts these
studies. Well before 2015 these studies were refuted. Additionally they
cited several studies that purport to show harm this way:

"Reports on exposure to electromagnetic radiation of
900 MHz from mobile phones showed that it could induce
lipid peroxidation in human erythrocytes (Moustafa et
al., 2001), in female and male rabbits (Güler et al., 2012)
and in the hippocampus and brain cortex of rats as well as
oxidative stress and histopathological changes in the rats’
endometrium (Ilhan et al., 2004; Ferrari, 2012), induces a
transient alteration of epidermal homoeostasis"

Yes, and not a single study that shows the *same* effect in humans! This is
one of the problems with animal studies...they are not humans. The thing
bones of a rabbit or rat's scull is paper thin compared to that of a
humans. Moreover, and more importantly, the *same* studies have been
conducted on humans for *decades* with nary any sort of harm. We have
*billions* of humans who use cell phones every day, even a majority of
their waking hours, from which to do studies but *these* are never cited by
those authors of this "study".

David Walters

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