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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Dec 6 09:57:46 MST 2019

In 1975, I took a job as a Cobol programmer at Salomon Brothers in New 
York, mainly on the buzz generated by a N.Y. Times profile of its star 
block trader Michael Bloomberg. The November 9th article noted that “The 
single‐minded dedication of Mr. Bloomberg’s pressure‐cooker life goes 
hand in glove with the aggressive business style which has made Salomon 
Brothers one of the largest and most profitable firms on Wall Street.”

While at Salomon, I often stopped by Socialist Workers Party national 
headquarters after work to take part in systems design meetings with two 
other party members. We were automating The Militant and Pathfinder 
Press as part of an ambitious expansion program by the Trotskyist 
movement. The SWP had purchased an IBM System 32 minicomputer to 
generate mailing labels for The Militant and to keep track of 
Pathfinder’s financial records. Modernization also included the purchase 
of a web press located on the ground floor of a five-story building on 
West Street that we foolishly thought of as our Smolny Institute. (A web 
press had nothing to do with the Internet. It was just a high-powered 
technology for printing on continuous rolls of paper.)

full: https://secure-web.cisco.com/1opCPU3XplCVUTC2PdJvnAl8T-IQmVVGIh35tvL7EnFSZw7U84UUYh6ti0gNElyVpgZhRZaPXDlK3t8cWm8_hfNdrxXAxsS0KWK_KVaQn8vKotOirtWRpSUAajicyQwXKiOiFfHsvD5KAk5R2PmzWLPuHcQM6SPazaNCD02G6OxXJEDb2JaInDZR5dZn71tW5f_YnVR_H1_phwwMUyrRP7GJ9uiVulNqo7r2PGIUPShlu-gL1_3qNBuZrjc3fRIBuH10RGe64jWRl_Ic_t3J3FmcBTuLeI7MD37oD_QWj2Aon5KDTBKq0iO2suryD3FpR2Ce3goAocfYhEIKoNLZ0RrYU5O5iPKSR6uIR7GZVMQvwTH7pcBto3rv7QKr_CWOfyG5_UqodkLf4-xEEHl1anw/https%3A%2F%2Flouisproyect.org%2F2019%2F12%2F06%2Fmichael-bloomberg-and-me%2F

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