[Marxism] Jim Brown: Football Has Forgotten the Men Who Made It Great

John Reimann 1999wildcat at gmail.com
Sun Dec 8 15:35:37 MST 2019

I just finished reading "They Call it a Game" by former corner back in the
Jim Brown era, Bernie Parish. On the one hand, he outlines the various
struggles he went through to try to win an actual union for NFL players.
(Jim Brown was an ally in those campaigns.) Parish explains all the things
that hold a player back - the hope of making it into coaching, the enormous
insecurity for all but the very top tier players, who tend to be somewhat
individualistic, and the manipulations of the owners. Parish also details
the connections between the NFL and the gambling industry. He explains that
so many calls are discretionary that it wouldn't take much to beat or stay
within the point spread.

Published back in 1971, it's well worth reading. Too bad Parish died just a
month or so ago. I'd have liked to have known him.

John Reimann

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