[Marxism] Frank Keane and the Irish Revolution

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Sun Dec 8 21:12:24 MST 2019

by *Mick Healy*

“The magistrate in his summing up said that he had no doubt whatsoever that
I was politically involved. This should stand to my benefit at a later
stage and should really nail the lie that I’m a gangster, a criminal”.
– Frank Keane, Brixton jail, 14th August, 1970.

Frank Keane, who is now over eighty years of age, was born on May 8, 1936
in Peter Street, Westport, Co. Mayo.  He was once regarded as a dangerous
political opponent by the Irish establishment.

Frank was the eldest of three brothers and a sister and was educated at the
local Christian Brothers School.  In 1952 he moved with his family to North
Road, Finglas in Dublin.  The following year he joined the Jackie Griffith
Sinn Fein Cumann. (The cumann was name after a republican activist shot
dead by the Free State special branch in Dublin on 4 July 1943.)

Frank volunteered for active service during. . .

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