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A.R. G amithrgupta at gmail.com
Mon Dec 9 13:02:14 MST 2019

Literally all of the Jewish groups that responded to Trump (including
Jewish Voice for Peace) missed the point (or purposely obscured it). The
comments about Jews being disloyal had nothing to do with anti-Jewish
bigotry -- and notably, they were about loyalty to Israel, not the United
States. Accusing Jews of not being loyal to a *foreign state* is hardly
playing into the trope of dual loyalty. These comments were aimed at
Israel's victims. If anything they were appeals to Zionism and
Islamophobia. They are analogous to white supremacist statements that
whites who are insufficiently racist are "race traitors," etc. When a Nazi
calls a white person a "race traitor" he is not engaging in anti-white
bigotry. He is demeaning black and other non-white peoples. Same for this:
Trump's comments were an appeal to the right-wing of the Jewish community
that sees virtually any dissent on Israel as insufficient chauvinism. Every
one of these Jewish liberal types basically erased Israel's victims from
the discussion, even though they were the actual targets of Trump's
rhetoric. Imagine someone perceiving accusations of race treason by white
supremacists as an attack on white people. What nonsense.

The stuff about people involved in the real estate business (including the
guy who set up the organization, Sheldon Adelson) simply weren't tropes.
They were more or less accurate statements about some of the people who
support IAC and given Trump's own involvement in the same business he was
probably referring to actual individuals in the audience.

The Democrats did this last round as well with the Brietbart story about
"Renegade Jews". They claimed it proved that Brietbart, Steve Bannon, and
by extension, Trump were anti-Semitic. It was equally misplaced, because
the Brietbart story was not aimed at Jews per se, but Israel's victims:

They are basically doing the same thing this round. They know that talking
about Trump's actual racism is not politically saavy and is "controversial"
so instead they're manufacturing stories about anti-Semitism, which is
safer because it's also used as a bludgeon against the Left, Muslims, etc.

Amith R. Gupta

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