[Marxism] [SUSPICIOUS MESSAGE] Power as Savior and Destroyer of the World - COSMONAUT

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Dec 10 15:18:09 MST 2019

(From the brilliant Cold and Dark Stars.)

Here is where the con within the stories about global warming is 
revealed. The current narrative of climate change is sheer class power. 
Yes, the elite must acknowledge the power of the earth system to destroy 
the civilization they rule. But at the same time, they must remind their 
subjects that right now they have the highest possible standard of 
living, and that nudging the system too much would destabilize this 

In fact, it is the projection of their power that makes us addicted to 
their world.  For it is not only chemical or sexual dependency that 
their products offer, such as processed sugar, or digital porn. More 
importantly, they sell us the illusion that through their products we 
can become like them, socially recognized by the rest. The search for 
social recognition is ancient. Amongst certain small, indigenous 
egalitarian societies, “big men” try to outdo each other with gifts and 
potlatches to become honored. In modernity this impulse is channeled 
into owning larger houses, better cars, having a degree from a good 
University. They rob the children from their childhood so that someday 
they can become accomplished professionals that can be paraded in the 
deranged pageantry of the technocratic castes. Meanwhile, we all end up 
playing, touching, and caring less, for we are conned into keeping up 
with the Joneses.


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