[Marxism] This Holiday Support Radical Wealth Redistribution! Prison Abolitionists and ICE Opponents Need Your Support!

Andrew Stewart hasc.warrior.stew at gmail.com
Wed Dec 11 12:24:07 MST 2019

This is a time of year full of contradictory feelings and emotions. Our
popular culture is full of messaging and ideas that are completely fueled
by our consumerist-capitalist culture.
But one idea that can be powerful despite all this is using this as an
opportunity to build our contributions for this campaign to support Anne
and AMOR!
You can ask for a portion or all of a gift from a love one be redirected
into a contribution to this campaign!
You can spread the word via your holiday postcards!
You can share information about it around your holiday table!
To do this, we have this handy flyer in PDF form you can download and print
out: <https://cryptpad.fr/file/#/2/file/nIh4Cx6IV4UayTF2r61o9osB/>
And here is a one-page sheet explaining the campaign and who the AMOR
Coalition is:<https://cryptpad.fr/file/#/2/file/FaY2l+T66J7rhzwg6pwxRd8Y/>
Feel free to share it far and wide with email, social media, and even
old-fashioned snail mail! Even as little as a dollar contribution will do a
tremendous amount of good and help us build our base of supporters that
fight back against state violence targeting our neighbors in frontline

Thanks for your continuing support, we deeply value and appreciate your
contribution and solidarity!

-The SURJ Fundraising Team

NOTE: All funds accrued in this campaign will be directed solely towards
the folks we are supporting and their organizational accomplices/allies, no
monies will be handled in any other fashion.

In summer 2018, Anne was arrested during an action that was carried out in
solidarity with ICE detainees who went on a hunger strike at the Bristol
County House of Corrections to protest the inhumane conditions at the
facility. During the action, the Bristol County Sheriffs responded with
violence, causing traumatic brain injuries to Anne and one other person. If
the Bristol County Sheriffs use this kind of violence publicly, we can only
imagine what type of violence they carry out behind closed doors.

Anne was recently fined $3,000 for her participation in this action.
Financial punishment is one of the many ways the Bristol County Police and
court system, like those all over the country, exert authority in our
communities. During our visits to court, we have witnessed how excessive
fines and fees have been leveraged by the judicial system to punish and
disempower our communities. Financial punishment has been wielded against
folks for “offenses” like possession of suboxone without having a
prescription on their person, inability to pay previous fines, and, in
Anne’s case, direct action.

Of the three other people involved in last summer’s action, two were
sentenced to jail time and another is taking their case to jury trial.

Due to the financial burden the judicial system places on our communities
at large and because of our commitment to ensuring folks of color and
immigrant communities have access to the finances they need while
navigating the court system, any money raised through this fundraiser will
be split evenly between paying Anne’s court fees and expanding AMOR’s legal

Let’s show up to support Anne and AMOR and to let Sheriff Tom Hodgson know
we aren’t going away. Please donate if you can!

Who are we?

We are an alliance of community based grassroots organizations mobilizing
and organizing rapid response to resist increased instances of individual
and state sponsored violence. This response occurs at the intersections of
race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and immigration status. We work to
build a system in which the community can demand accountability, challenge
injustice, and access healing after experiencing violence. We are
organizing to place sovereignty back into the hands of communities directly
affected by systemic oppression and build leadership, generate power, and
organize resistance with and alongside all directly affected peoples.

Partner Organizations

Organizations involved include Direct Action for Rights and Equality
(DARE), Providence Youth Student Movement (PrYSM), The FANG Collective,
Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics RI (COYOTE, RI), Colectivo Sin Fronteras,
and the Refugee Dream Center. We will need support from individuals and
organizations together to keep our communities safe.


AMOR envisions a world where the community has the power to ensure
sovereignty. Where families are do not fear being separated due to their
documentation status and where black and brown communities are able to
protect themselves against police violence and immigration raids. AMOR
envisions a world where mental and physical health are the number one
measure of community safety. Furthermore we envision a society where
individual acts of hate and state sponsored hate are defeated by frontline
community resistance.

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