[Marxism] When CS gas came to the floor of the House of Commons

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Wed Dec 11 14:48:52 MST 2019

by Mick Healy

The RUC used CS gas for the first time on August 12, 1969, in the Bogside
of Derry. It invisibly covered the streets and seeped into every room of
the houses, causing choking, vomiting and irritation of the eyes and skin.
The British Army first used the gas in April 1970 when they
indiscriminately fired off 104 gas canisters in Ballymurphy in West Belfast
during a night of rioting.

Máirín Keegan of Saor Eire suggested to Butch Roche, an original member of
Peoples Democracy, that they mount a publicity campaign to highlight the
use of CS gas, because they were convinced it had done considerable harm.
She also acquired two CS gas canisters that were photographed with the
intention of using them in the publicity campaign. Roche decided on a
symbolic action that wouldn’t injure anyone but bring home to the British
public and establishment the impact of its use against the civilian
population in Belfast and Derry.

On July 22, 1970, Butch arrived in London with the two CS gas canisters.
The next day he entered the Public Gallery of the House of Commons, with a
newspaper to cover the bulkiness in his pockets. He threw the gas grenades onto
the floor of the House, shouting “if it’s all right for Derry and Belfast,
it is all right for here. How do you like it”? . . .

full at:  https://theirishrevolution.wordpress.com/2019/07/01/6696/

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