[Marxism] Impeachment is a losing strategy for the left. Let's focus on winning in 2020 | Bhaskar Sunkara | Opinion | The Guardian

Andrew Stewart hasc.warrior.stew at gmail.com
Thu Dec 12 15:43:21 MST 2019

Glen Ford, certainly no ally of Tucker Carlson or DSA, made a very similar
point in a recent piece titled "The Issue-Less Impeachment: The Corporate
Democrats Stand for Nothing, So They Impeach for Nothing" <

The impeachment of Donald Trump has nothing to do with social justice at
home and abroad, global environmental stability, or the rule of law
anywhere on the planet. Rather, the corporate Democrats have methodically
narrowed the scope of the indictment to exclude all the actual crimes of
this president against humanity, peace, the environment and the rule of law
– for the obvious reason that both corporate parties and all modern U.S.
presidents are collectively and individually guilty... Trump will be put in
the dock for a (relatively) minor offense as a kind of purgative of the
whole corporate system’s rotten innards*. *It’s like indicting the
mass-murdering, criminal war-waging South African apartheid regime for
gerrymandering elections in which Blacks, by law, could not vote. The cited
offense is meaningless, and all the rest is forgiven.
By failing to impeach Trump for abuse of migrants, family separation, or
the numerous chauvinist acts he has committed, the Democrats and those who
support impeaching him are giving tacit approval to those actions. There is
zero accountability or reparation made towards actual crimes against the

Are we supposed to be putting our support towards actions endorsing family
separation or not?

Best regards,

Andrew Stewart

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(Will Sunkara go on Tucker Carlson's show to make these points?)


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