[Marxism] A University’s Betrayal of Historical Truth

Dennis Brasky dmozart1756 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 13 08:49:26 MST 2019

The University of North Carolina agreed to pay the Sons of Confederate
Veterans $2.5 million—a sum that rivals the endowment of its history

The settlement, though, establishes a de facto financial partnership
between the university system and the SCV to preserve the monument. The SCV
is free to use Silent Sam and this generous subsidy to continue its
long-standing misinformation campaign about the history and legacy of the
Civil War, with an endowment that rivals that of the university’s history
department. But the cost to the university can’t be fully tallied in
dollars and cents. A great public university should stand for the pursuit
of truth, not the promotion of historical distortions and falsehoods. In
seeking an expedient solution, the university system has succeeded only in
aggravating the problems that the removal of the statue was supposed to

But instead of directing its largesse to the descendants of those who were
enslaved, the university chose to give its millions to apologists for their


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