[Marxism] Brexit and Impeachment

Anthony Boynton anthony.boynton at gmail.com
Fri Dec 13 09:13:31 MST 2019

IMHO, the Labour Party should have campaigned for "Remain" to defend the
right of free immigration despite everything else reactionary about the
European Union.

I think that it did not because of the historic dirty secret of the white
racism among British workers which combines itself with leftish economism.

IMHO Corbyn's Manifesto did not take this issue head-on because of fear of
losing racist working class votes and therefore seats in the House.

Similarly, Nancy Pelosi et al. have whittled the impeachment charges
against Trump down so far that they have almost no content, and are open to
ridicule by Congressional Republicans. Their whittling was done to please
various members of Congress on the right of that right-wing party.

However, revolutionaries in the UK should have supported a vote for Labour,
just as revolutionaries in the USA should support impeachment.

In the case of impeachment, there are three reasons: Trump is a criminal
who is attacking the working class, Trump is a criminal in terms of the
law, and impeaching Trump will deepen the crisis of the state while not
impeaching him will help the state overcome the crisis.


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