[Marxism] Superhero Movies and Comic Book Nerds Won the 2010s | GEN

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Dec 14 06:02:32 MST 2019

There have always been people who will tell you that arty things are 
stupid, that liking them is pretentious, and that preferring arty things 
to mass-market entertainment is a symptom of elitism. The thing that’s 
new about MCU Twitter’s reaction to Scorsese’s statement is that the 
people making these arguments against the supposed privileging of a 
certain type of arty thing are doing it without rejecting the notion 
that movies should aspire to fulfill an audience’s need for profundity. 
They’re just arguing that we can and should look to corporate superhero 
movies to provide it.


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