[Marxism] British election results

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 14 18:07:02 MST 2019

The front-stabbers won and the back-stabbers lost.

It's extraordinary how much emotion a lot of the left has invested in the
Labour Party, the #2 team for British Imperialism Ltd.

The reality is that the British working class in the 21st century has a lot
less investment in the British LP than the left does.  Unskilled workers in

The LP lost the working class in Scotland a few years ago, a country where
Labour had been the dominant party for a century.  Now the LP has just one
seat left in Scotland - yep, one!  They are only the third party, miles
behind the SNP and well behind the Tories.

In England, including some of the most hard-core old working class areas,
they trail the Tories.

The only country in Britain where they still have the most seats is Wales,
the smallest and less populous country within Britain.  Even there the
Tories are catching them up.

Meanwhile the British state is facing potential problems in the part of
Ireland they still rule over.  The parties favouring a united Ireland now
have more seats than the parties that support British rule.  (That's
potentially also a problem for the southern ruling class in Ireland because
they don't want a united Ireland any more than the Brits do.)

Who knows, the days of the so-called 'United Kingdom of Britain and
Northern Ireland' might be numbered.  We might end up with the 'United
Kingdom of England and Wales'.

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