[Marxism] Lysenko

Ken Hiebert knhiebert at shaw.ca
Sat Dec 14 20:23:00 MST 2019

Tonight I had occasion to pick up a copy of The Spark, Marxist Theory and Discussion, a publication of the Communist Party of Canada.
It carries a review of Lysenko’s Ghost: Epigenetics and Russia.  The reviewer claims that advances in science have vindicated Lysenko.

“…the author accidentally but fatally exposes West capitalist bioscience to be severely flawed.  With its dogmatic rejection of the possibility of other methods of inheritance it was Western bioscience that was shown to  be less open, narrow, non-dialectical, philosophically frozen and inferior in comparison to an imperfect but superior Soviet dialectical science.”

Can someone who knows more about this than I do please comment.

		ken h

https://thesparkjournal.tumblr.com/ <https://thesparkjournal.tumblr.com/>
The issue I am referring to is not yet on line.

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