[Marxism] Corbyn and Brexit

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Dec 15 16:39:22 MST 2019

I'm trying to catch up on this Corbyn defeat by reading NLR articles 
going back to 2016. I am reading Susan Watkins from that year, which is 
titled "Casting Off". (It's not behind a paywall.) I was struck by this 
paragraph that summed up the 2016 Brexit referendum, where all this 
stuff began. Anybody reading this should not be surprised that Corbyn 
got clobbered:

"As the results came in, the scale of the upset became apparent: a 
decisive 52:48 defeat for the government and its array of international 
allies, on a 72.2 per cent turnout that broke all recent records. In 
social terms, nearly two-thirds of the working class (C2, D, E), which 
overall makes up some 46 per cent of the population, voted Leave, on a 
turnout six or seven points above recent general elections."


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