[Marxism] Tom Hazeldine, Revolt of the Rustbelt, NLR 105, May–June 2017

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Dec 15 18:46:43 MST 2019



Britain is indeed a special case of uneven development within the Europe 
on which its voters were invited to express their verdict in 2016. The 
astonishing fact is that the uk is more lopsided economically than 
Italy, despite its notoriously incomplete Risorgimento; than Spain, with 
its historic polarity of Catalan–Basque industry and Andalusian 
latifundia; than Germany, where a quarter of a century after 
reunification gdp per head in the East was still only two-thirds of that 
in the West; than France, enshadowed by a metropolis great enough to 
warrant comparison with its cross-Channel neighbour. At sub-regional 
level, output per head is eight times higher in inner west London than 
in west Wales and the Valleys, the largest difference to be found in 
anyeu member state from Bantry Bay to the Dniester.footnote57


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