[Marxism] Colin Leys on Brexit

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Dec 16 15:14:22 MST 2019

 From Socialist Register and behind a paywall:

By March 2019, when Britain is due to exit the EU, it seemed 
increasingly possible that no agreement would be reached, and that the 
UK would lose its existing access to the EU single market and customs 
union, with endlessly complex consequences for trade, production, jobs, 
labour markets, legal rights and more. During the referendum these 
implications had not seriously figured in the debates, but by 2018 they 
were all too clearly in view. The realization gradually dawned that 
almost every aspect of life in Britain had become intricately 
intertwined with the EU: the practical effects of leaving were going to 
prove so far-reaching and costly that little else could be seriously 
attended to for years to come after 2019, whichever party was in government.


I don't think that England will have as much of a problem of pulling off 
a Brexit that was also beyond Greece's version called Grexit but don't 
be surprised if this turns out to be deeply painful not only to the 
working class but to the bourgeoisie.

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