[Marxism] Colin Leys on Brexit

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Dec 16 16:27:05 MST 2019

More from his article:

One crucial element in the [Corbynite] socialist project that was also 
largely missing from the manifesto was any significant move towards 
democratizing the state. There was a promise to establish a 
Constitutional Convention ‘to examine and advise on reforming the way 
Britain works at a fundamental level’, and a commitment to an elected 
upper house of Parliament and to reducing the voting age to 16, but 
nothing more concrete. There was no suggestion that there should be a 
written constitution, to make the electoral system more democratic, or 
to end the exercise of unaccountable executive power through the ‘royal 
prerogative’ and other archaic institutions. There was nothing on ending 
the corporate capture of the state – the downsizing of the civil 
service, the rampant influence of unregulated corporate lobbying,32 the 
‘revolving door’ between the senior civil service and private 
corporations, or the corporate-style ‘executive boards’ that had been 
set up for each government department, largely filled with private 
sector personnel.33 There was no proposal to end government reliance on 
management consultancies whose main clients are corporations, or on the 
undemocratic nature of the BBC, nominally a politically neutral public 
service but in practice a key component of the capitalist state system. 
34 There was no suggestion of ending subsidies to private schools 
through which the rich constantly renew their dominant positions in the 
state and corporate elites.

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